Medical intensive care Unit

Scope: Intensive Care Unit Expansion

Client: Lake Charles Memorial Hospital

Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Lake Charles Memorial Hospital is in the process of a major expansion to their Intensive Care Units.  In total, a total of 39 ICU beds will have been constructed new or renovated.  A new 16 Bed Medical Intensive Care Unit augments an existing 18 Bed Intensive Care Unit.  The existing unit will also be renovated as a later phase and be designated for Surgical Intensive Care.    This will be a state of the art ICU and has been designed to exceed current code minimums for patient spatial allocation.  It will feature a just in time supply distribution system and all storage has been coordinated with infection control to minimize contamination, and reduce waste.  

Nursing has been distributed across the floor with substations adjacent to every pair of patient rooms, reducing the size of the central station to afford additional space for support spaces.  The central core of the unit has been perforated with a staff only corridor system that will allow traversing of the floor as opposed to circulating around the core, reducing travel distance and improving staff response time.  Five Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Beds will also be renovated.