Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse Station  at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Pediatric Intensive Care Unit Nurse Station at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Inpatient Facility

Master Facility Plans are collaborative efforts of Hospital Administration and the Design Team with a common goal of producing a high level understanding of the Hospital’s potential. Interactive workshop meetings are conducted to discuss key issues, goals, objectives and needs were discussed and evaluated. As decisions are made, the planning process progresses, furthering identified concepts and refining options and alternatives.

One size doesn’t fit all: designing for the right users.

The PICU is a space designed for the treatment of pediatric cancer patients and their families.  Instead of accessing light through traditional exterior windows, the new patient rooms gain daylight access through the atrium of the recreation room through sky windows.  By placing the patient rooms in the light filled atrium and creating an acoustical barrier both on the ceiling and in the walls, the design team was able to optimize the core space of the PICU and significantly improve patient care operations.  As the centerpiece to the core, sits the nurse station with its internally illuminated face and subtle abstract pattern.  Acoustical studies have been performed and the sky window design allows both patients and visitors to view the atrium skylight and exterior skyline while attenuating noise or distraction from the adjacent recreation room.  Further, the sky window feature has been designed to allow for a controlled and diffused daylight environment the pediatric intensive care room to accommodate the light sensitivity needs of this critically ill patient population.  This was a phased project, with an active construction site on an operational floor.  

Creating opportunity out of a challenging geometric foot print to enhance the user experience.

The Lake Charles Memorial Hospital’s Medical Intensive Care Unit is a state of the art healing environment for the most sensitive patient population. This project was a multi-phase full-floor reconstruction that included 16 medical intensive care beds and supporting clinical spaces. The project was one of several, all lead by PDS, that revisioned clinical patient care standards for the hospital. 

The design for this project focused on bringing a high-performing healthcare environment with a calming and comfortable place for a patient to heal. PDS worked closely with our electrical engineer to select high-quality LED fixtures, that would provide the correct skin color rendition. Patients can select from several pre-programmed lighting scenes; night-light, reading, lounge, and exam. Additionally, a high-performing acoustical ceiling tile was used on the unit to lower ambient noise levels. 

The project was designed with input from clinical end-users from inception to completion. To maximize space for patient care, the design team implemented a just-in-time supply strategy. This featured pass through supply cabinets in each patient room and centralized support spaces. 

Envisioning  Comfortable Care for patients and families

Envisioning Comfortable Care for patients and families

Medical Inpatient Care Unit  at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital

Medical Inpatient Care Unit at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital