Lake Charles Emergency Department

Scope: Emergency Department Expansion

Client: Lake Charles Memorial Hospital

Location: Lake Charles, Louisiana

Aged and no longer able to manage current patient volume at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital, a major expansion was envisioned to modernize the existing emergency department.  Externally, resulting design embraces a large broad sweeping canopy, capable of sheltering multiple vehicles from the sub-tropical weather that Southwest Louisiana experiences.  Internally, the ED contains a large open and daylight filled lobby and Waiting Room with immediate access to Triage.  All patient treatment rooms are private and organized into four pods, Fast Track, Urgent Care, Emergent Care and Behavioral Health.  

A Results Waiting Room has been provided to ease pressure on treatment rooms and improve flexibility.  X-Ray and CT are now provided within the ED and Trauma has been renovated.  To address emergency management needs in a hurricane prone climate, the entire ED is provided with stand alone power and HVAC so that it is capable of running non-stop in both normal and emergency situations.