A first glance of LCMH's Behavioral Health Hospital

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Lake Charle's Memorial Health Hospital

Ribbon cutting ceremony for Lake Charle's Memorial Health Hospital

We are excited to share the news for the completion of Lake Charle's Memorial Hospital's Behavioral Health Hospital.  For this project, PDS experimented in new ways to create brick aesthetics and to break away from the traditional orthogonal use of this material.  Below are several interior photos provided by our flooring company Patcraft.  

ER, Critical Care & Trauma

Pomarico Design Studio has had the pleasure to design and build the Emergency Department and supporting programs at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital.   As emergency departments continue to be heavily used, PDS is innovating creative solutions to improve the ED experience.  Through strategic planning, collaborating with hospital staff, and innovating the latest health technology, our goal is to create the best environment of care during times of uncertainty.

Take a fly through of the ED + supporting programs at LCMH.

Video Credit: Lake Charles Memorial Health System

Emergencies don’t stop at the ER door. Memorial is committed to providing everything patients need for critical care and trauma.
— Lake Charles Memorial Health System

LCMH Behavioral Health Hospital Construction

This 65,000 SF building will be the future home to the Behavioral Health Hospital at Lake Charles Memorial Hospital in Lake Charles, Louisiana.   PDS explored a different approach to the typical aesthetics of brick walls by designing non-traditional brick patterns to create a dynamic facade.  Although the color palette was kept simple using only three colors of brick, the speckled patterns give a lighter visual feel than a conventional solid brick wall.  This project is currently under construction and will be completed spring 2018.